POS Terminals

AllCard offers Point-of-Sale Solutions that allow you to process payments faster. This is ideal for an environment where speed is important. It encourages greater consumer spending and provides better customer service. Learn more about our POS Solutions to help you with your business.

CREON Desktop
The most compact desktop POS Terminal
  • Powerful 32-bit ARM processor with 256kb internal RAM
  • Expandable memory with optional MMC/SD interface
  • Small and compact ergonomic design
  • With EMV Level 1 approved chip card reader and Level 2 certified software module
CREON Wireless
Powerful, compact and wireless POS terminal
  • Powerful 32-bit ARM
  • Ergonomic and environmental friendly design
  • Flexible communication options with GSM/GPRS, CDMA or WiFi
  • Dual band design supports frequency at 850/PCS 1900
  • High battery capacity for long operating time
PR608 PinPad & Reader
Compact & flexible for integrated payment environments
  • 32-bit ARM processor for fast transactions
  • User friendly design with privacy shield (optional) for PIN confidentiality
  • Light and compact design with wide keys for easy PIN entry
  • Versatile communication interface with options of RS232 and USB
  • Compliant with the mist demanding international security standard
T800 Mobile Terminal
Stylish mobile terminal for non-financial card and ticketing market
  • 32-bit ARM9 MCU
  • GSM/GPRS mobile communication backup with Ethernet or dial-up modem for uninterrupted transactions
  • Expandable memory (up to 32MB SDRAM and 512MB NAND Flash)
  • Optional printer, smart card reader, magstripe reader for different types of application
TIRO Countertop Payment Terminal
Low cost with powerful performance
  • Powerful 32-bit processor
  • Up to 32MB SDRAM and 8MB flash
  • High speed 9 pin impact printer
  • 128x64 LCD with backlit
  • 3 track MSR and chip card reader
  • Dial up and Ethernet