Single-sided card printing in high-quality
singly or in small runs.

New Technology, New Era
Print your card with Smart Retransfer

Break away from stereotype

The DNP CX-D80 Retransfer Card Printer is the culmination of the technological development and is the most innovative card printer available for all types of card-issuing applications.

Succeeding to DNP legendary CX printers, the CX-D80 has a thermal retransfer-printing engine, of which quality and reliability are acclaimed by users worldwide. Ideal for both simpler applications such as single-side membership cards, gift cards, on demand ID cards and for corporate and governmental ID card, the CX-D80 provides the integration of proven, long-established technology with a compact and user-friendly body.

Print with Security

  • Dye diffusion UV printing
  • Security erase function for K panel
  • IP Sec protocol security

Product Features

  • Perfect edge-to-edge printing with glossy photo finish quality.
  • Damage-free printhead by retransfer method.
  • Ideal for contact/contactless card and non PVC card.
  • Single or double side model available.
  • Highest capacity YMCK ribbon (1,000 images), less frequency of reloading.
  • Electronic (hopper & front door) and Kensinghton locks installed.
  • Smart body and design suitable for every location.
  • Intellectual Status Monitor Program to see the printer status.
  • User-friendly accessories to keep the printer clean.

Ideal for:

  • Employee and student ID
  • Driver's license
  • National ID
  • Membership card
  • and more...