The country's licensee of the largest convenience store chain in the world was set to launch a points-based loyalty program nationwide before December 2013. The program intends to provide their millions of patrons with exclusive benefits and cool freebies every purchase, every day. Unfortunately, during the project development, the management of the convenience store chain operator had been unsuccessful in acquiring the services of the most suitable card manufacturer to provide their quality, quantity and delivery requirements - until they contacted Allcard.

Barely two months to go to December, the elite team of Allcard's executive, product and key accounts management proficiently negotiated and finalized the deal with the convenience store chain operator to produce and deliver 3 million loyalty cards in time for the Holiday Season.

Without taking into account the recommended daily output of the manufacturing facility and going into straight production shifts, Allcard successfully delivered a total of 3 million loyalty cards by the first week of December. As a result, the convenience store chain operator has effectively launched their loyalty program and distributed loyalty cards nationwide last November 26, 2013, exactly as scheduled. Infact, the response from their patrons had been overwhelming that their loyalty system had to be immediately upgraded to accommodate the high volume of card activations they receive every day.

Confident and convinced that Allcard is the excellent fit for the convenience store chain operator's card initiatives, they have committed their upcoming loyalty card requirement for 2014 with Allcard.

This significant win is a proof that with their extensive experience and professionalism, Allcard delivers precisely the solutions which their customers expect to achieve and succeed in the business.