Banking and Finance


In line with PSBank's Simple Lang, Maaasahan service, the Bank did a feasibility study in 2009 on the instant issuance cards business model for its customers to get their ATM cards on the spot. The objective was to eliminate the need for them to go back to the branch after three days to claim their cards, thus saving them time and money. After a detailed study and rigorous evaluation of service providers, PSBank acquired the services of AllCard with its expertise in the financial card and payment solutions and its supporting core products. AllCard was commissioned to supply 293 units of Evolis Pebble 4 Card Printer and customized Ateilla Card Personalization Manager Software to all PSBank branches nationwide. Furthermore, AllCard's MIS group also customized additional data handling security features on the software that require PIN validation. This enabled personalization to take place on both sides of the card in less than five minutes -- monochrome thermal printing of cardholder name on the front, and card number and cardholder data in the magnetic stripe at the back. An additional key security feature was integrated in the card printer for audit and monitoring. After sales support for each card printer was handled by AllCard-certified technical engineers who schedule preventive unit maintenance to avoid operational delays and machine breakdown. With the instant issuance card project, PSBank gained an edge over other banks that still employ the traditional centralized process.